Hodgson Automotive Inc

About Us

Bill Hodgson - Owner

Bill's Philosophy
I try to communicate with the customer on a level so I can understand what the problem is, and have it repaired correctly.
With all of our customers, we try to always meet and/or exceed their expectations. I make sure my techs have all the
necessary training and equipment to do the job correctly.

Jim Seiple - Head Mechanic

Jim's Philosophy
When a car comes in, I not only do the work it came in for, but also will do a general check over for anything else that it
may need. I always verify the symptom with the customer so I take care of the problem the first time. I work quickly but
efficiently to get the customer on his/her way as soon as possible. When a car leaves the shop, I want the customer to feel
safe and know that their car was fixed right.

Cora Farley

Front Desk Manager

Cora assists 20 year old customer Agnis Holl

Testimonial - "I'm very pleased with everything they've done, my car is running as well as it is"

Hodgson Automotive Inc
1124 Greenhill Rd,West Chester, PA 19380
(610) 436-8880
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[email protected]

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